First things first! Please read through this requirements list to see if you qualify to join Elite War Gods

*Notice: if we do not think you are right for this clan, we have the right to kick you at any time*

  1.  Must be level 80+ or a family member
  2.  Must have at least level 5 archers, no exceptions
  3.  Must be mature as well as age 16+,  We are adults.
  4.  Must have some sense of humor. We like to have fun and kick ass in this clan! We don’t want clan chat to be like a formal business meeting.
  5.  Willingness to participate in every war and complete both attacks. We war every Sunday and Wednesday and start the prep day at about 3-4 pm U.S.A Central time.
  6.  Contribute full potential to your normal base as well as your clan wars base.
  7.  Extremely active and sociable!
  8.  Willingness to use this website. Yes, this means you’ll have to be registered on here.
  9.  Understand all clan war rules and will follow them.

So if you survived that and meet all of the requirements congratulations! You are able to join Elite War Gods!

Search “Elite War Gods” under your clan castle.

Our shield is a Blue shield with a White through it if that helps. One more thing, when you request to join please say “I am from the website” so we know you read all this.

If we are full, please Search for our Feeder Clan EliteWarGods2. The best days of possibility for an open spot is Mondays and Thursdays after our wars. Sorry about the inconvenience.

 Thanks for considering Elite War Gods, hope to see you in game!